Copy of a letter dated 1808, from Ann Rawes of Houghton le Spring, Durham (died 1832), the wife of Rev'd William Rawes, Master of Kepier Grammar School, son of Robert Rawes of Wetsleddale to her cousin Rev'd John Hodgson of Gateshead, Durham. Extracted from the memoires of the Rev'd John Hodgson by Rev'd John Raine. (Augustus Line to Hodgson Line)
                Houghton le Spring, July 16th 1808

Dear Sir
        We returned from Westmorland / on Tuesday, I saw your Mother and Sister / who were very well, and beg'd their kind / love to you, we left your Uncle and / Aunt from Bromley there, and who / promised to be at Houghton, this / evening, we expect they will stay / a week or ten days with us, and if you can make it convenient to spend / a day with them next week we / shall be very glad to see you, and / if you can stop all night, we have / a Bed for you, Mr. Rawes joins in / kind Compts with yours truly.

                A. Rawes

(Addressed to Revd. John Hodgson, Gateshead)

Rev'd John Hodgson's mother, who is mentioned above, was Betty, the wife of Isaac Hodgson and sister of Robert and Gerard Rawes. Betty was baptised Shap 21st Dec. 1755 and buried Shap 25th Aug. 1809.

John's Mother was Betty, wife of Isaac Hodgson and sister of Robert Rawes of Wetsleddale. John's sister was Elizabeth Hodgson.

Aunt and uncle were Mary and Richard Rawes.

They are all to stay at the residence of the Rev'd William Rawes, then Master of Kepier Grammar School at Houghton le Spring.

Copied by Julian Rawes of Cheltenham.