Collection of miscellaneous documents and ephemera
relating to our family but excluding Rawes.

I have created this section on the website as a repository for a mass of miscellaneous material on various branches of the family that has been accumulated over many years of casual research. I tended to concentrate on a one-name study of the name 'Rawes', found elsewhere on this site while my late father Bernard Rawes dealt mostly on extending our knowledge of other branches of the family. The collection includes material such as pedigrees, wills, photographs, letters, histories, along with hundreds of notes on scraps of paper.

Additions to this section will be sporadic and occasional, as the varied material is processed in a form whereby it can be accepted by the website, only then can it be uploaded and thereby made available to a wider audience.

Roope & Martin: Roopes are divided between the earlier Roopes while the later Roopes (name assumed by deed pole) who are descended from Roope Harris later to be known as Roope Harris Roope. He was a descendant of the earlier Roopes and designated by Margaret Deeble to be her heir as long as he assumed the name of Roope. There are two families of Martin: ancestors of Roope Harris Roope and Martins related to the earlier Roopes.
Julian Rawes 2022.

Edward Glennie - biographical material. 1851-1921 Glennie F1
William Glennie - Director of the United Mexican Mining Association. Correspondence between William Glennie and John Backhouse of the Foreign Office, 1834. 1797-1856 Glennie F2
Alfred Victor Dockery's letters of application and recommendations for a US consulship. 1851-1935 Dockery F3
Will of Susanna Frederick of Bampton in Oxfordshire. 1798 Frederick F4
Will of Susanna Whitaker of Bampton in Oxfordshire. 1862 Whitaker F5
History of the families of Frederick, Whitaker and the Manor of Bampton, Oxon, by Franz von Recum. 1951 Whitaker F6
Will of Margaret Deeble of Plymouth, Devon. Owner of the Greenway Estate in South Devon. 1777 Roope F7
Letter written by Charles Frederick Glennie of Oporto while in Mexico. The letter is written on 10th February 1911 to his neice Agnes Rawes, daughter of Francis Curteis Rawes. 1911 Glennie F8
Letter written by Charles Frederick Glennie of Oporto while in Mexico. The letter is written on 6th May 1911 to his neice Agnes Rawes, daughter of Francis Curteis Rawes. 1911 Glennie F9
Letter written by Charles Frederick Glennie of Oporto while in Valence, France. The letter is written on 21st July 1914 to his neice Agnes Rawes, daughter of Francis Curteis Rawes. 1914 Glennie F10
Letter written by William Glennie, describing his ascent of the volcano Popocatapetl in Mexico. The letter is written to his father Dr. William Glennie of Dulwich in England. 1827 Glennie F11
Document covering the purchase by Thomas Robinson, of a freehold property in Wellingborough from Matthew Easton Jones & Jonathan Bettie. Signed among others by Edward Whitaker of Northampton. 1800 Whitaker F12
Life and Times of Commander Frederick Roope, R.N., by his son Frederick Cabel Roope. 1981 Roope F13
Catalogue of family Wills. 2021 Miscellaneous F14
Will of Roope Harris Roope of Dittisham, Devon. 1822 Roope F15
History of the family of Humfrey of Blewbury by Franz von Recum. 1851 Humfrey F16
Notes on Henry Edward Wilby of Esquimalt, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 1823-1888 Wilby F17
Letter from Laurant Eusèbe Dupré of Mexico to Edward Glennie. 1871 Dupre F18
Memoirs by Mr Arthur Hunt of Southwood, Torquay, formerly of Oporto. 1902 Roope F27
A History of the Dockery's of Maryland and North Carolina. 1957 Dockery F20
Covington - which William? 1974 Covington F21
Dockery Vital Records: Marriage of Victor and Susanna Dockery / Birth of Susanna May Dockery / Death of George Victor Dockery. 1878/1883/1924 Roope Dockery F22
Covington - My Folk by E P C McSwain. 1972 Covington F23
Death certificate of Frederick Whitaker of Bampton. 1854 Whitaker F24
Marriage settlement of Richard Newman of Dartmouth, Devon and Elizabeth Mason of Berkeley, Glos. 1733 Newman/Mason F25
Frederick Family - Overseers in the Bristol Triangle. 2011 Frederick F26
The Roope Chair by Victor Chinnery. 1982 Roope F27
Marriage Licences of the Diocese of Exeter. 1980s Devon F28
List of Persons in Buckfastleigh, Devon. 1698 Devon F29
History of the Frederick Family of Bampton, Oxon. 1911 Frederick F30
History of Greenway, by Audrey le Lièvre. ---- Roope F31
Dartmouth and its Mayors, by Edward Windeatt. 1912 Roope F32
Letters from William Newman and Roope Harris Roope, to the Earl of Hillsborough, Sec. of State. 1780 Roope F33
Notes on the Roope antecedents of Roope Harris Roope of Greenway, Devon. 1980-1995 Roope F34
Notes on the Roope descendants of Roope Harris Roope of Greenway, Devon. 1980-1995 Roope F35
The Brooking Family, Charlotte Roope, her notebook and Helen Allen. 1828-1864 Roope F36
Cabel Roope 1857-1911 by Gerald Cobb in Oporto Older and Newer. 1966 Roope F37
Letters from Mrs Mary Maisner & Felicity Roope to Bernard Rawes on family history. 1991 Roope F38
Brass to John Roope in St Petrox Church, plus other memorials. 1980 Roope F39
The Roope Armorial Bearings, College of Arms and Visitations. 1990 Roope F40
Letters relating to the governorship of Dartmouth Castle, including Nicholas Roope. 1857 Roope F41
Parishes of Devon map. 1984 Devon F42
Harleian Society early Roope pedigrees. 1680- Roope F43
Extractions and conclusions from Little Dartmouth Estate Papers. 1679-98 Roope F44
Notes on the Coppin Family of Kent antecedents of Roope Harris Roope of Greenway, Devon. pre-1640 Coppin F45
Notes on the Ellacott Family of Devon antecedents of Roope Harris Roope of Greenway, Devon. pre-1600 Ellacott F46
Roope Harris Roope, the Harris' Hooton's Haugh's, Wye's, Pope's Etc. of Boston, Massechusetts. 1994 Harris/Hooton F47
Roopes etc. of London, Kent, Surrey, Norfolk etc., including Waldegrave, Wentworth. 17th century Roope etc. F48
Harris' of Dittisham and Devon. 17th century Harris F49
Cabell and related families, including Prestwood, Maudit, Midwinter, Glyde. 17th century Roope/Cabell F50
Martin and related families, including Pawlett, Hurst, Yeo, Strode, Worth, Courtney. 17th century Martin F51
Notes and photostats on Devon Families, including Fortesque, Fowell, Gilbert, Yard, Plumleigh. 17th century Roope F52
Notes on the Newman, Staplehill, Irish, Spurway & Gale families of South Devon. 17th century Newman F53
Register entries from Devon and Cornwall. 17th century Roope F54
Diary of Elsie Standring. 1899 Roope F55
Green notebook on Devon & Cornwall families. 17/18th centuries Devon F56
Khaki notebook on Devon families. 17/18th centuries Devon F57
South Hams Church Booklets. ---- Devon F58
Notes on the Roope Family by Charles Frederick Roope. 1900 Roope F59
Brown notebook on Roope, Newman & related families. 17/18th centuries Roope F60
Orange notebook on South Devon People and Places. 17/18th centuries Devon F61
Red notebook on South Devon People and Places. 17/18th centuries Devon F62
Families of Mason, Wood, Pate & Higgins. 17/18th centuries Glos F63
Some Dartmouth Register and Newspaper extracts Etc. 18/20th centuries Newman F64
Pedigrees relating to the ancestors and family of Cabel Roope 1823-1880 Roope F65
Newman, Staplehill, Holdsworth Pedigree. 16/20th centuries Newman F66
Cornwall including Hooton, Penhellick, Pope, Prideaux, Wye. 16/20th centuries Newman F67
Documents relating to the Holdsworth & Newman families of South Devon. 18th century Newman F68
Sale particulars relating to Nethway House, Kittery Court at Kingswear and Little Dartmouth. 20th century Roope F69
Documents relating to Sandridge and the Gilberts, Roopes, Holdsworths and many others. 18th century Roope F70
Material relating to the families of Holdsworth, Saville, Shath, Cornish and Lidstone. 17-18th centuries Newman F71
South Gloucestershire families - Mason, Cornock, Smyth, Exell, Somers, Heathfield, Nelmes, Watts etc. 17-18th centuries Glos F72
Blue Notebook on Gloucestershire Wills 17-18th centuries Glos F73
Pink books of Cheltenham families 17-18th centuries Glos F74
Newman Large Pedigree 17-19th centuries Newman F76
Devon Church Booklets etc ----- Devon F77
Dockery Pedigrees including DeJarnette, Turner, Pemberton & Covington. 17-20th centuries Dockery F78
Miscellanious material on Frederick, Gascoigne, Walwyn and Stratford families. 17-18th centuries Frederick F79
Whitaker family and their antecedants including Humfreys & Fredericks. 17-19th centuries Whitaker F80
Miscellanious Church Booklets etc. in Whitaker folders. ----- ----- F81
Material on the Gascoigne Family. 16-19th centuries Gascoigne F82
Material on the Humfrey family. 17-18th centuries Humfrey F83
Material on the Stratford family. 16-17th centuries Stratford F84
Material on the Walwyn family. 16-17th centuries Walwyn F85
London Family Records. 16-19th centuries Miscellaneous F86
Dockery and Covington families of Maryland, Virginia & North Carolina. 17-19th centuries Dockery/Covington F87
Material 1: on Wilby, Naylor and related families of Yorkshire. 17-19th centuries Wilby/Dyson etc. F88
Material 2: on Wilby, Naylor and related families of Yorkshire. 17-19th centuries Wilby/Dyson etc. F89
Wilby family of Vancouvar and Victoria, Canada. 17-19th centuries Wilby F90
Information relating to the Moorman family of North Carolina. 17-19th centuries Moorman F91
Records relating to the Pemberton & De Jarnette families of North Carolina. 17-19th centuries Pemberton F92
A printed report of the 'Loss of the Amazon' in the Bay of Biscay. 1852 Glennie F93
The Stewart family of Craigiehall & Newhall. 1861 Stewart F94
Miscellaneous material relating to Gardiner, Dundas, Stewart, Carmichael families. -1848 Gardiner F95
Miscellaneous material relating to the Glennie family. 18/19th century Glennie F96
Miscellaneous material relating to the Dundas family. -19th century Dundas F97